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2014-15 Catalog 
2014-15 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Registration and Records

Registration and Records creates and maintains accurate student records while helping students navigate the college’s policies and procedures.

Registration and Records assists students, faculty and staff with enrollment, grading and graduation functions and assures that accurate enrollment and graduation data are reported to the state and federal government.

The Registration and Records office processes student enrollment and withdrawal transactions and maintains student transcripts and records. Students should come to the Registration office when they have questions about transferring credits from other schools, to add or drop classes or to access other information related to enrollment at Highline.

Transferring into Highline

Highline honors academic credits earned at other regionally accredited institutions that are equivalent in academic level nature to work offered at Highline. Highline subscribes to statewide Policy on Inter-College Transfer and Articulation among Washington Public Colleges and Universities agreed to by regionally accredited colleges and universities of Washington the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and adopted by the Higher Education Coordinating Board in February 1986. The policy describes the rights and responsibilities of students and review and appeal process in transfer credit disputes.

Washington state community and technical colleges (CTCs) offer reciprocity to transfer degree-seeking students who move from college to college within the CTC system. Students who have fulfilled entire areas of their transfer degree requirements at one college - for example, Quantitative Skills, Communications or Distribution Area requirements - will be considered to have met those same requirements if they transfer to another community or technical college in Washington state. Students must initiate the review process and must be prepared to provide necessary documentation. For complete information, contact the Graduation Evaluator’s office in Building 6 or call (206) 592-3323.

New Students

Special registration days are set aside for new students before the beginning of each quarter. Students who have applied to Highline receive registration information with their admissions letter. New students are encouraged to take the COMPASS placement test and must attend a mandatory orientation if they have not attended college previously.  During the orientation, new students meet with faculty and staff advisers who will assist in selecting classes.

Currently Enrolled and Returning Students

Currently enrolled students are assigned a specific time and date to register each quarter. Students may register at their appointed date and time or anytime thereafter.  Students who have previously attended Highline are assigned a specific date and time to register before new students.  The scheduled date and time is based on the number of credits the student has successfully completed at Highline. Students should plan to meet with their adviser prior to their registration time to make class selection and educational plans.

It is to the student’s advantage to request transcripts from other institutions and have them evaluated for transfer credits as early as possible. For information, visit

Every student is encouraged to meet with a faculty adviser prior to his or her first opportunity to register. An evening student may visit the Educational Planning & Advising Center instead, if his or her faculty adviser is not available.

Web Registration

Students are encouraged to register for classes online. Visit

Entry Codes

An entry code is a five-digit random number that is needed to enroll for a class when permission or a prerequisite is required. Entry codes for classes requiring permission are only distributed by the class instructor or department coordinator. Entry codes for classes that have a prerequisite are provided by the class instructor and the department coordinator. If a student is not able to contact the instructor or coordinator, they may email Educational Planning and Advising at For prerequisite classes, entry codes are needed when Highline does not have a record that a student has met a prerequisite. When a student provides documentation that demonstrates the prerequisite has been met, an entry code will be provided. An entry code may be used only once.

Photo Identification

Every student enrolled in credit classes is required to have an official Highline Student Photo Identification card. The card is free for students who paid the admission application fee. Students will be charged for a replacement card. For information, visit

Photo identification cards are issued by the Registration office in Building 6.

Quarterly Class Schedule

A schedule of classes is available online before each academic quarter at

Auditing a Class

Students who wish to attend classes but do not want to receive credits may audit classes. Audit students must register and pay for classes. A student may change from credit to audit or from audit to credit before the 15th instructional day of the quarter. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and other governmental agencies will not pay for audited coursework.

Class Schedule Changes

Once students have registered for classes, they may change their class schedules via the Web or by submitting a Registration Add/Drop Form to the Registration office. This form is available online at Printed forms are also available in the Registration office, faculty buildings, Educational Planning & Advising Center and Admissions.

For information on deadlines for adding classes and making schedule changes, visit

An added class is not official until the registration process is completed and all tuition and fees are paid.

Students with questions about changing their class schedule should consult with their faculty adviser before making any changes.

Late Enrollments

Enrollment after the 10th instructional day of the quarter (eighth day in summer quarter) is considered late. A nonrefundable late course add fee will be assessed for each late course registration. Exceptions to this policy include:

  • Continuous enrollment and variable credit classes
  • Late-starting classes
  • Lab classes for office skills, reading, tutoring and writing

Waiting List

When a course section is full, students may place themselves on a waiting list for that section. As positions become available, those on the list will automatically be registered, in the order they appear on the list. Students are responsible for checking their schedules to see if they have been added to a class. For information, visit 

Class and College Withdrawal

To withdraw from Highline, students must complete a Registration Add/Drop Form and return it to the Registration office. The forms are available in the Registration office, faculty buildings, Educational Planning & Advising Center and Admissions/Entry Services Office.

Withdrawal is official when the form is received by the Registration office; however, no official withdrawals are granted after the last withdrawal date. For information about the last withdrawal date, visit

A W on a transcript signifies that the student has withdrawn from a class. In other limited situations the college or an instructor may also withdraw a student from class.

If students simply stop attending classes and do not officially withdraw from college at the Registration office, they may be graded as having failed (0.0) each class in which they were registered.

Note: Students receiving veterans’ benefits or other financial assistance must notify the appropriate funding office (i.e., Veterans Services, Financial Aid) of their withdrawal to avoid being indebted to the federal or state government.

Student Initiated Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a class any time prior to the end of the eighth week of the quarter. Summer quarter or other special session classes must be dropped earlier. Visit

Students who drop a class prior to the published deadline will not have any grade posted on their transcripts for the class.

After the published deadline, students who withdraw from a class will have a W recorded on the transcript.  A W for withdrawal will be posted on the transcript; no credit or numerical grade is associated with a W.

Visit for published withdrawal deadlines.

Instructor-Initiated Withdrawal

Instructors, at their discretion, may initiate a withdrawal for students who do not attend at least 60 percent of class during the first five instructional days of the academic quarter (or equivalent for summer); however they are not obligated to do so. Students who are withdrawn during the first five days of the quarter will be eligible for a full refund of applicable tuition and fees.

Please note that the primary responsibility for withdrawing from classes rests with the student.

Institution-Initiated Withdrawal

Highline may withdraw a student from a class if the student has been suspended academically, has not paid tuition or whose conduct has resulted in a disciplinary suspension.