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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CMST& 102 - Introduction to Mass Media

5 Credits
Requires students to go beyond their usual role as consumers of the mass media, to think critically about the media as a cultural and economic institution.

Course Note Previously JRNL 100.

Designed to Serve General distribution humanities students, 2-year students transferring into 4-year journalism/mass media degrees.
Active Date 2011-06-14

Grading System Decimal Grade
Class Limit 38
Contact Hours: Lecture 55 Lab 0 Worksite 0 Clinical 0 Other 0
Total Contact Hours 55
Degree Distributions: AA Humanities Area I
Course Outline
A. Class will begin by covering mass media including news, magazines, radio, etc., and advertising and public relations. B. As course progresses, it will broaden to include various conceptual and theoretical issues, including issues, including ethics, law and issues related to media bias and objectively. C. Class also will discuss inter-cultural perceptions of news and information.

Student Learning Outcomes
Read and understand mass media and culture and their effect on each other.

Analyze each of the mediums, such as TV, radio, and newspapers in mass media.

Understand culture and cultural perspective.

Become critical thinkers about media and their own roles as consumers and citizenry in a representative system affected by the media.

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