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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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C J 102 - The Justice System

5 Credits
Roles and responsibilities of law enforcement, prosecution, courts and corrections; examination of subsystem procedures from arrest through disposition and appeal; emphasis on constitutional procedural rights and principles of due process.


Designed to Serve All persons interested in the justice system and administration of justice majors.
Active Date 2013-08-27

Grading System Decimal Grade
Class Limit 38
Contact Hours: Lecture 55 Lab 0 Worksite 0 Clinical 0 Other 0
Total Contact Hours 55
Degree Distributions: AA Transferable Elective
Course Outline
1. Systems and Subsystems within Criminal Justice Field 2. Roles and Responsibilities of Criminal Justice Practitioners 3. Professional Ethics 4. Constitutional Rights of Criminal Defendants 5. The Criminal Justice Process-Arrest through Sentencing 6. Examination of Murder Trial 7. The American Jury System 8. Sentencing Alternatives, Guidelines, and the Role of Corrections 9. Impact of U.S. Supreme Court upon the Justice System

Student Learning Outcomes
Define the roles and responsibilities of those positions comprising the courthouse workgroup.

Identify the critical stages of the criminal justice process-arrest through sentencing.

Explain the system of presumptive sentencing in Washington State and the role of department of corrections in implementing it.

Explain the historical importance3 of the American jury system and current efforts to improve it.

Explain the impact of the criminal law revolution upon defendant rights.

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