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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog
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ABE 095 - Interactive Grammar

5 Credits
This course is designed to serve ABE/GED/ESL students who want to improve their English language skills. It focuses on improving students’ grammatical proficiency in the English language through contextualized and interactive listening, speaking, and writing activities.

Instructor Permission Required Yes
Course Note Must be a current ABE student at Highline.

Quarters Typically Offered
Designed to Serve Current ABE students.
Active Date 20200110T13:09:48

Grading System Credit/Non-Credit
Variable Credit Yes Range 1-15
Continuous Enrollment Yes
Class Limit 35
Shared Learning Environment Yes
Contact Hours: Lecture 55
Total Contact Hours 55
Degree Distributions:
Course Outline
This course uses a structured and consistent approach and combines controlled and communicative practice with critical thinking skills and ongoing assessment. Contextualized and interactive listening, speaking, reading and writing activities will be used to help bridge the gap between understanding grammatical structures and actually using them correctly.

Student Learning Outcomes
Express ideas and opinions in a variety of contexts with 85% accuracy in the English language.

Demonstrate active listening strategies by asking questions to seek clarification, using non−verbal cues, and paraphrasing to show understanding.

Recognize and apply grammatically accurate forms and structures in speaking and writing.

Use transition skills appropriate to ESL.

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