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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog

Accounting, AAS

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Program Description

The study of Accounting affords students the opportunity to apply real life applications. Certified Public Accountants manage the finance of business big and small, make a competitive wage salary and are always in need. During times of high unemployment, accounting jobs are always readily available.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze, record and communicate business information using generally accepted accounting procedures, computer systems and accounting software as appropriate.
  • Initiate projects, research accounting authorities and business practices, and develop recommendations using appropriate policies, guidance, ethical standards and management directions, including using computer systems and software.
  • Manage and complete team projects, including making team assignments and coordinating team activities (including the supervisor), consistent with sound human relations procedures.
  • Use an understanding of business principles and organizational priorities to make decisions about work being performed. Give guidance and instructions to subordinates consistent with management priorities and ethical standards.
  • Manage and protect basic information systems, accounting records and customer and vendor information using appropriate laws and regulations, ethical standards and management policies.
  • Interpret and use oral instructions to complete assigned tasks; speak clearly and produce written documents that meet standards of accuracy when dealing with the organizations’ stakeholders.
  • Use accounting and other business data to develop information and reports to assist management in planning operations, identifying potential problems and controlling business activities.



Some or all of the following are required. Check with a faculty adviser.

  • Keyboarding and 10-key numeric pad skills.
  • Consultation with an accounting faculty member.

Important Notes

  • Accounting degree and certificates are not intended for business majors planning to transfer to a four-year program.
  • This information does not substitute for meeting with a faculty adviser.
  • Students must achieve a cumulative 2.0 GPA to attain an AAS degree. 
  • Certificate and AAS degree programs emphasize preparation in specific job skills required for entry-level employment.
  • Not all classes are offered every quarter or at night.

Specific Requirements

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