Apr 16, 2021  
2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog

ACHIEVE Comprehensive Transition Certificate

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Learning Outcomes

Through campus, classroom, and career experiences, students will have increased self-advocacy, independence, and competence in:

  1. Setting and communicating needs, wants, and long and short-term goals;
  2. Identifying and developing transferable and marketable occupational and job attainment skills;
  3. Community responsibility and membership through activities which foster and support engagement, sustainability, and social reciprocity;
  4. Critical thinking skills including self-reflection of learning and information gathering and analysis; and
  5. Collaborating effectively with others, demonstrating respect for diversity and global perspectives, and recognizing and responding to varying levels of interpersonal relationships.


Important Notes

  • All ACHIEVE students build an individual Program of Study with an ACHIEVE Advisor that outlines which courses and activities helped the student achieve the certificate learning outcomes.
  • Students may opt to take courses for credit or audit a course depending on their ability meet the course prerequisites and their specific desired learning outcomes. Students who choose to audit do not earn a final grade nor credit for the course in the traditional manner; rather, they earn credits toward an individualized, college-approved certificate. Students auditing courses work in partnership with course faculty to develop measurable learning outcomes and a plan to evaluate progress with the support of their ACHIEVE Advisor.

General Requirements

  • Seventy-two (72) total credits in class, campus and career activities; with a 2.0 minimum GPA in graded courses and CR (pass) in approved audited coursework.

Specific Requirements

  • Credits are distributed across three core competency areas: classroom, campus and career. Students build an individual Program of Study with an ACHIEVE Advisor that outlines how the student met the classroom, campus and career requirements.
    1. Classroom - eighteen (36) credits
    2. Campus - nine (18) credits
    3. Career - six (12) credits
  • ACHV 099 - ACHIEVE Advising Seminar is required quarterly
  • Complete and present a Capstone portfolio outlining progress toward goals identified Program of Study and the achievement of programmatic learning outcomes. Three (3) credits.

Total Program Credits: 72

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