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2016-17 Catalog 
2016-17 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administrative Management, AAS

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Learning Outcomes

  • Effectively manage and supervise people and projects in the office workplace.
  • Utilize office technology and critical thinking skills to address and support business needs such as using current spreadsheet technology to design a budget report.
  • Implement basic office procedures in accordance with current industry standards.
  • Write effective correspondence using proper business industry format such as multipage reports that include financial analysis and graphics.
  • Represent the organization with professional written and oral communication skills.
  • Function effectively in a work environment, while understanding and respecting the diverse needs of others.
  • Apply sound business and technical knowledge to new situations and problems.


Entry Requirements

  • Prerequisite classes or knowledge of the Internet.
  • Some classes may have entry requirements not listed here.
  • BSTEC 105 Introduction to Computer/Windows:  3 credits
  • BSTEC 118 10-Key - 2 credits
  • BSTEC 120 Introduction to MS Office: 5 Credits

Important notes

  • This information does not substitute for meeting with a faculty adviser.
  • Students must achieve a cumulative 2.0 GPA and a minimum 2.0 GPA in each core course to attain an AAS degree.
  • AAS degree programs emphasize preparation in specific job skills required for entry-level employment.
  • Not all classes are offered every quarter or at night.
  • Some classes are offered in self-paced lab setting.

Specific Requirements

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