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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Getting Started

General Admission Requirements

Admission to Highline College is open to any individual who meets the following criteria:

  1. Is 18 years of age or older; or

  2. Is a high school graduate (diploma or equivalent); or

  3. Is participating in High School Programs (e.g. Running Start)  

Citizens of other countries who wish to apply as international students (non-immigrants) have special admissions requirements. Admission is not limited to those with educational experience, previous academic achievement or any particular citizenship or status. Highline is an open-door college; all are welcome!

Pathways to Highline:

Pre-College Studies, Continuing Education, and International students enter Highline using a different process than the one outlined in this section.

If you meet the above admission requirements, please follow these simple steps to enroll at Highline College:

Apply to Highline


The first step for new students at Highline is to apply for admission through the online application. Once your application has been processed, the Admissions Department will send your welcome letter by email and you will receive your student ctcLink ID number:  your key to navigate Highline.  Check the email you used in your application to receive your admissions letter with your ToDo Items/Next Steps towards enrollment. If you need to change the term you would like to start after you have already applied, you can contact the Admissions Department to update your application.

Former students who are returning to Highline after 12 months must reapply for admission before enrolling in classes. The admission application is used to update the student’s contact information, program, and term activation.   

Explore Funding and Payment Options for College


College costs include tuition, fees, transportation/parking, and books/supplies. Financial aid is available and has specific eligibility and deadlines. Be sure to connect with the appropriate funding department about submitting additional documents. Explore the many funding sources and payment options that you may be eligible for.

Activate Your ctcLink Account

Your ctcLink account is used to register for classes, pay for classes, manage financial aid, access student records, etc. Once you have received your ctcLink ID number in your admission letter, you can activate your ctcLink account.

Set up your Highline Email & Activate your myHighline Account

Your myHighline account provides access to key online resources and tools, such as Canvas and Google, that are available to you as a Highline student. The ITS Department will send you an email with instructions on how to activate your myHighline account and set up your student email. 

Meet with an Entry Advisor

Getting started at Highline College involves several steps, and your Entry Advisor is here to support you throughout the process so you’re ready for next quarter’s registration! Most students will be asked to fill out a Get Started! Questionnaire in their admissions letter, which will prompt you to schedule a meeting with an Entry Advisor. If you did not receive this questionnaire or you would like to connect with an Entry Advisor at any time, check out our contact information on our website https://admissions.highline.edu/get-started/

Assess Your Starting Point and Transfer Credits 


Most applicants who are new to college studies and intend on earning academic credits need to determine what courses they are eligible for with a placement test or high school transcripts. Placement recommendations will be used for advising and registration purposes. To learn more about placement and assessment options, go to placeandtest.highline.edu. If you are transferring credits from another college, or have an accredited degree from another country, submit your official transcripts and request an evaluation from Registration & Records.

Explore Your Options! What degree pathway do you want to pursue at Highline? 

There are many educational opportunities at Highline, including certificates, 2-year and 4-year degrees. Before you begin taking classes, it is important to select a degree pathway that fits your personal, academic or career goals. Career and degree exploration assistance is available through the Career and Transfer Services Center and the Counseling Center.

Complete Explore Highline Student Orientation

To prepare for a successful start, attend an orientation session.  You will meet other students, faculty and staff, get hands-on experience with important online tools and resources, and meet with advisors. This session is your opportunity to explore the degree pathways and programs of study Highline has to offer. New student orientation is offered in multiple modes: on campus and virtually through Zoom. Students in specialized programs including Running Start, International Student Programs, Workforce Education Services, and English as a Second Language must attend an orientation session specific to that program. For questions and to sign-up for an orientation session, visit https://admissions.highline.edu/get-started/new-student-orientation/.

Enroll in Classes


This is the fun part! Use your Academic Advisement Report and the class schedule in ctcLink to find available classes to enroll in. Enrollment is open during specific dates.  All class enrollment takes place in ctcLink.  Find tutorials, documentation and videos at our ctcLink Student Tutorials page.

Gear Up

After you register for classes, get your Student Identification Card from Registration, purchase your books from the Highline Bookstore, and apply for your parking permit.

Pay Tuition and Fees

Pay your tuition and fees by the deadline to save your spot in your classes. Follow up with your funding source to confirm eligibility or sign up for a payment plan. Find payment plan information, a current tuition and fees schedule and important dates and deadlines on the Registration website. Information about residency for tuition purposes is on the Admissions website.

You’re on Your Way!

Make use of the resources we offer! Peruse our website! Highline offers comprehensive support, services, opportunities and resources. And don’t forget: degrees and certificates are not awarded automatically! You need to apply for graduation.

**A note on selective admissions: Registered Nursing, Respiratory Care, and BAS Programs require a program specific application process, which includes meeting specific requirements for admission into these programs.