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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog
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P E 100 - Personal Health Science

3 Credits
Learn a multidimensional approach to health that emphasizes the importance of lifestyle choices in preventing disease and improving quality of life. The knowledge and skills developed in this class will empower students to make informed personal health decisions and encourage them to take responsibility for their own personal health.


Quarters Typically Offered
Summer Day, Online
Fall Day, Evening, Online
Winter Day, Evening, Online
Spring Day, Evening, Online

Designed to Serve All Students
Active Date 20170306T12:29:57

Grading Basis Decimal Grade
Class Limit 36
Shared Learning Environment Yes
Contact Hours: Lecture 33 Lab 0 Field Studies 0 Clinical 0 Independent Studies 0
Total Contact Hours 33
Degree Distributions:
  • Physical Education

PE Theory Course Yes

Course Outline
  • Dimensions of Health
  • Behavior Change
  • Psychological Health
  • Stress
  • Addiction and Substance Abuse
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Personal Fitness
  • Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Health Information Literacy

Student Learning Outcomes
Evaluate the reliability and validity of health-related information sources.

Explain the role of heredity, environment, culture, and socio-economic status on personal and community health.

Explain the factors that influence health behaviors and strategies that can lead to successful behavior change.

Analyze the influence of modifiable health behaviors and non-modifiable traits in preventing disease and improving quality of life in all dimensions of health.

Develop and implement a health behavior modification plan based on an assessment of modifiable and non-modifiable health risk factors.

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