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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog
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PSYCH 121 - Love 101

1 Credits
An overview of the concept of love with emphasis on intrapersonal, interpersonal, and societal factors that influence both one’s ability to become more of a loving person and the formation of a romantic loving relationship between two people.


Quarters Typically Offered
Fall Weekend
Spring Weekend

Designed to Serve All Students
Active Date 20220314T08:44:18

Grading Basis Decimal Grade
Class Limit 38
Contact Hours: Lecture 11
Total Contact Hours 11
Degree Distributions:
  • Social Science Area II

Course Outline
  • Love of Self
  • Love of Another: Romantic Love
    • Research on Interpersonal Attraction
    • Theories of Loving Relationships
    • Components of a Loving Relationship
  • Love in Society
    • Love in the Arts
    • Love in Mass Media
  • Becoming a More Loving Person

Student Learning Outcomes
Discuss factors in small groups that interfere with and contribute to one's love of self.

Explain the three major factors that contribute to interpersonal attraction.

Compare and contrast key psychological theories of loving relationships.

Discuss components of a loving relationship.

Evaluate the extent to which portrayals of love in the arts and media contribute to our understanding of love, based on research.

Choose courses of action to become more of a loving person.

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