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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ABE 039 - ABE High School Civics

3 Credits
An overview of American government, focusing on the U.S. Constitution and its relation to our governement, society, and rights.

Instructor Permission Required Yes

Quarters Typically Offered
Designed to Serve ABE High School Completion candidates who are under-prepared for college level classes.
Active Date 20190531T14:55:11

Grading Basis Decimal Grade
Class Limit 35
Shared Learning Environment Yes
Contact Hours: Lecture 33
Total Contact Hours 33
Degree Distributions:
Course Outline
  • U.S. Constitution and modern state government
  • Rights and duties of citizenship
  • Separation of powers
  • Federalism

Student Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the historical and philosophical context in which the U.S. government was created.

2. Analyze the ways the U.S. Coonstitution shapes our government and promotes key ideals.

3. Evaluate the effectiveness of “checks and balances” in  a particular administration, court, or congress.

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