Jan 29, 2023  
2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog

Private Security Academy Certificate

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Program Description

This program is designed for those individuals who have made the career decision to become professional private security officers in the State of Washington.  The Private Security Academy (PSA) curriculum meets or exceeds the recommended training guide put forth by the Washington State Department of Licensing.  Students participate in specialized training which enhances their experience and background, providing greater career opportunities.​

Learning Outcomes

  • Define Cultural Intelligence
  • Define Ethics and its relationship to Private Security work
  • Determine the proper goal in using verbal alternatives to confrontation to be described as “control of Behavior.”
  • Identify and understand Security officer’s role in Homeland Security and Terrorism prevention.
  • Define “minimum force” as the amount of force that should be used to control a confrontation
  • Identify and respond to a medical emergency
  • Identify and use the crisis intervention model
  • Identify and demonstrate elements of a proper incident reports
  • Identify legal and/or financial penalties of exceeding authority as a security officer
  • Respond to various types of emergencies


Professional-Technical Core Courses

  • C J 290 - Private Security Academy

Total Professional-Technical Courses: 8 credits

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