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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EDUC 199 - Tutor Training

1 Credits
Instruction and experience for tutors in the tutoring program.

Instructor Permission Required Yes
Course Note This class is only for students who are currently hired as tutors.

Quarters Typically Offered
Fall Day
Winter Day
Spring Day

Designed to Serve Students working in the campus tutoring center.
Active Date 20201105T14:50:34

Grading System Decimal Grade
Class Limit 15
Contact Hours: Lecture 11
Total Contact Hours 11
Degree Distributions:
ProfTech Course Yes
Restricted Elective Yes
Course Outline
  • Orientation to tutoring center
  • Learning styles
  • Leading study groups
  • Using study skills in listening
  • Questions and problem-solving
  • Discipline specific tutoring
  • Goal setting/planning

Student Learning Outcomes
Students will describe tutoring and tutoring responsibilities based on basic tutoring guidelines and philosophies of the Tutoring Center.

Upon observation, students will successfully begin and end a tutoring session using best practices.

Students will describe basic tutoring best practices and practices to avoid during a tutoring session.

Students will demonstrate appropriate communication skills in interactions with students/tutees.

Students will effectively use active listening and paraphrasing when working with students/tutees.

Students will articulate effective study skills practices when working with tutees.

Students will effectively teach effective problem-solving skills when working with tutees.

Students will apply discipline specific tutoring techniques.

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