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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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C J 139 - Career Readiness

2 Credits
This seminar covers how to locate Criminal Justice-related internships in the public and private sectors, prepare resumes and cover letters, interview, and communicate effectively in the workplace. Seminar is intended to be taken the quarter before a student completes an internship.


Quarters Typically Offered
Designed to Serve Students who plan on completing a Criminal Justice internship.
Active Date 20210403T10:07:55

Grading System Decimal Grade
Variable Credit Yes Range 1-2
Class Limit 25
Contact Hours: Lecture 22
Total Contact Hours 22
Degree Distributions:
ProfTech Course Yes
Restricted Elective Yes
Course Outline
  • Locating an Internship
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Interview Preparation
  • Effective Workplace Communication
  • Networking

Student Learning Outcomes
Formulate an internship plan in chosen career path.

Create personal resume and cover letter that conforms to professional industry standards.

Articulate relevant responses to professional interview questions in a mock interview situation.

Describe effective workplace communication for typical workplace scenarios reated to criminal justice.

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