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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SUST 152 - Indoor Growing

3 Credits

Explores the various modern systems used in growing crops indoors such as, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, and soil based Medias. The course will emphasize on hands-on learning through the construction of these systems in the campus greenhouse.


Quarters Typically Offered

Winter Day

Designed to Serve Students in the Urban Ag. Program, students outside of the program who are looking for elective credit, and members of the community enrolled through Continuing Education.
Active Date 20170731T09:58:41

Grading System Decimal Grade
Class Limit 20
Shared Learning Environment Yes
Contact Hours: Lecture 33
Total Contact Hours 33
Degree Distributions:
ProfTech Course Yes
Restricted Elective Yes
PLA Eligible Yes

Course Outline
Role of indoor growing in modern agriculture

Fundamentals of plant biology 

Growing structures

Growing systems


Nutrient management

Pest management


Sustainable design

Student Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate accurate knowledge of how the 6 common water based growing systems function.

Accurately measure and apply individual plant nutrients to a hydroponic system.

Design and construct a functioning water based growing system.

Accurately demonstrate knowledge of lighting selection based on various growing conditions.

Correctly diagnose and address various pest and disease problems within a growing system.

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