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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BUSN 113 - Nonprofit Financial Management

3 Credits
This course introduces the basics of financial management for not-for-profit organizations. Students will be introduced to basic nonprofit financial management, interpreting and analyzing required financial documents, financial reporting, budgeting and producing and reporting out documents that are understood by key stakeholders.


Quarters Typically Offered
Summer Online

Designed to Serve This class is designed for those with little or no experience in financial management for nonprofit organizations. Students seeking Non-Profit Management certificate; AAS in Small Business; Continuing Education
Active Date 20180530T10:02:24

Grading System Decimal Grade
Class Limit 32
Contact Hours: Lecture 33 Lab 0 Worksite 0 Clinical 0 Other 0
Total Contact Hours 33
Degree Distributions:
ProfTech Course Yes
Restricted Elective Yes
Course Outline
  • Overview of financial management
  • Basic budgeting and financial statements
  • Tax filing basics
  • Accounting principles
  • Analyzing and measuring nonprofit transactions
  • Types of budgets and their pros and cons
  • Internal controls
  • Nonprofit assets vulnerable to internal or external misuse
  • Alternative revenues sources

Student Learning Outcomes
Analyze the financial health of a local nonprofit organization.

Describe tax filing basics for a nonprofit organization.

Prepare and manage mock budgets for a nonprofit using accounting principles, various nonprofit practices and budgeting skills.

Assess a nonprofit management financial case study in order to determine internal controls for misuse.

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