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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Achieve Fast-Track to Employment Certificate

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Learning Outcomes

Through campus, classroom and workplace experiences, students will have increased independence, self-determination and competence in:

  1. Setting and communicating long and short-term goals;
  2. Identifying and developing transferable and marketable occupational and job attainment skills;
  3. Critical thinking skills including self-reflection of learning and information gathering and analysis.


Important Notes

  • All courses apply to the Achieve Comprehensive Transition Certificate.
  • All Achieve students build an individual Program of Study with an Achieve Advisor that outlines which courses and activities helped the student attain the certificate learning outcomes.
  • Students may opt to take courses for credit or audit a course depending on their ability meet the course prerequisites and their specific desired learning outcomes. Students who choose to audit do not earn a final grade nor credit for the course in the traditional manner; rather, they earn credits toward an individualized, college-approved certificate. Students auditing courses work in partnership with course faculty to develop measurable learning outcomes and a plan to evaluate progress with the support of their Achieve Advisor.

General Requirements

Thirty-six (36) total credits in class, campus and career activities; with a 2.0 minimum GPA in graded courses. Audited coursework is evaluated based on the learning plan developed between the student and faculty. Achieve Advisors work with faculty to verify whether students meet the outcomes specified in the learning plan

Specific Requirements

Credits are distributed across three core competency areas: classroom, campus and career. Students build an individual Program of Study with an  Advisor that outlines how the student met the classroom, campus and career requirements. The Achieve Advisor verifies whether the student has met all certificate requirements.

  1. Classroom - eighteen (18) credits
  2. Campus - nine (9) credits
  3. Career - six (6) credits

Total Program Credits: 36

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