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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog

Professional Technical Associate Degrees & Certificates

For students who need technical, personal and professional skills for employment, the professional-technical programs are designed to prepare graduates for entry into the field of their choice.

Highline’s professional-technical programs also offer refresher and skill-improvement courses for those who are already employed.

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or Certificate of Completion is earned upon satisfactory completion of the required credits for the specific program chosen. Many of the credits earned in these programs are not intended for transfer to four-year colleges.

Although the primary purpose for Highline’s professional-technical education programs is gainful employment after program completion, some graduates decide to transfer to four-year colleges to continue studying in their chosen fields. Although the transferability of professional-technical credits is limited, the college or university to which the student is transferring will determine if the credits earned in the professional-technical program may be counted toward a baccalaureate degree at that institution. A faculty advisor or an advisor in EPAC will help students meet unique educational goals.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

The AAS degree is designed primarily to prepare students for successful employment in a professional or technical area. Though some transfer options are available to holders of the AAS, the degree is not intended to transfer. Highline offers AAS degrees in a variety of fields.

Certificate of Completion (CC)

The college awards a CC to each student who completes a professional-technical education program requiring a minimum of 45 credits. Each program consists of at least three quarters and has specific requirements. Students must complete at least one-half of the required credits at Highline with a 2.0 minimum overall GPA.

Certificate of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

A student who wishes to earn a certificate in academic transfer studies (45 credits) for personal reasons, as a specific educational goal, in preparation for an AA degree, or for transfer to a university may complete the CAS. The CAS is not intended as a substitute for the AA degree and does not carry with it the benefits of the AA degree as defined by the ICRC articulation agreement.

Certificate of Proficiency (CP)

The college may award a CP to a student who completes between 20 and 44 credits in professional-technical education training programs. These programs include between one and three quarters of study and have specific requirements.

Short-Term Certificate of Achievement

Short-term training programs consist of 19 credits or fewer. These programs generally include at least one quarter of study.