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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog
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ABE 45 - Active Vocabulary and Spelling

10 Credits
This course is designed for ABE/ESL Students who want to develop vocabulary learning strategies and increase both general and academic vocabulary. Memory strategies, dictionary use, context clues, word elements, and spelling patterns will be addressed through a variety of learning activities.

Instructor Permission Required Yes

Quarters Typically Offered
Designed to Serve ABE/ESL Students.
Active Date 20200303T13:40:15

Grading Basis Credit/Non-Credit
Variable Credit Yes Range 1-10
Class Limit 35
Shared Learning Environment Yes
Contact Hours: Lecture 110
Total Contact Hours 110
Degree Distributions:
Course Outline
Using thematic readings, word lists and learning activities, this course covers the following strategies: mnemonic devices; dictionary/thesaurus use; context clues; word elements (prefixes, suffixes, roots, etymologies); denotative, connotative, literal and figurative meanings. Students will learn how to apply the vocabulary learning strategies in their personal and/or academic life.

Student Learning Outcomes
Accurately interpret unfamiliar words using context clues and word parts.

Effectively use the new vocabulary words in speaking.

Correctly write a paragraph of a chosen topic, accurately incorporating five to seven new words.

Use transition sklills appropriate for the level.

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