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2016-17 Catalog 
2016-17 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Registered Nursing — LPN to RN, AAS

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Learning Outcomes

  • Employ critical decision making to prioritize and appropriately attend to client specific needs using data collection and analysis, problem identification, care planning, care delivery and evaluation of care.
  • Provide accurate verbal and written communications using appropriate technology, while adapting to consider the needs of culturally and educationally diverse clientele and interdisciplinary health care team members.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in psychomotor skills, computation, therapeutic communication, client education and use of technology in provision of nursing care.
  • Function as an effective member of the health care team, practicing collaborative leadership, delegation and client advocacy to provide goal-oriented care.
  • Perform optimally in the dynamic health care system by incorporating evidence based on practice and continuing education in client care.
  • Adhere to scope of professional practice and contribute to the profession through participation in professional organizations and sociopolitical awareness.


Important notes


  • This information does not substitute for meeting with a faculty adviser.
  • Minimum grade per prerequisite class is 3.0
  • Math 146 Statistics course minimum grade of 2.5
  • Students may repeat prerequisites only once.
  • Prerequisites that cannot be older than 7 years include:  BIOL& 241, BIOL& 242,BIOL& 260,  PSYC& 200
  • All prerequisites must be completed before applying
  • The minimum TEASTM score is 75.
  • Must be a Licensed Practical Nurse in Washington state.
  • 10 students will be selected fall, winter and spring quarter. Alternates will be chosen as well.
  • AAS degree programs emphasize preparation in specific job skills required for entry-level employment.
  • This program is currently offered on a full-time basis only.
  • Taking courses outside of nursing while in the program is extremely challenging due to heavy load and irregular schedule.
  • Effective Fall Quarter 2011, our clinical institutions require certified NATIONAL background checks in addition to those performed by the Washington State Patrol. You can order your background check from this website: www.certifiedbackground.com.


Specific Requirements

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