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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Paraeducator, AAS

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Learning Outcomes

  • Manage classrooms and guide learner behavior by implementing strategies that build social competence in learners, utilizing additional resources and outside agencies when appropriate.
  • Demonstrate cultural competence through self-awareness, action for social equity, and knowledge of individual students and their cultural groups and application of best teaching practices.
  • Utilize knowledge of child development to construct and implement curriculum that effectively addresses the needs of diverse learners as individuals and in groups; able to integrate content knowledge into environments that are healthy, respectful, supportive and challenging for all learners.
  • Act in accordance with current governing policies, professional standards and ethical codes of the education profession by articulating a philosophy and rationale for decisions using a cyclical process of theory, action and reflection.
  • Observe, document and assess learning and teaching to support the success and progress of diverse learners. Use data to reflect on the effectiveness of one’s own teaching.
  • Know about, understand and value different family structures and cultural backgrounds, which are used to establish and maintain reciprocal and authentic family and community partnerships that best support student learning.



  • Some classes have entry requirements not listed here. Talk to a faculty adviser.

Important notes

  • Students will be required to pass a criminal history background check specified by each school district. 
  • This information does not substitute for meeting with a faculty adviser.
  • Students must achieve a minimum 2.0 GPA in each required class to attain a certificate or an AAS degree
  • AAS degree programs emphasize preparation in specific job skills required for try-level employment.
  • Not all classes are offered every quarter or at night.
  • Students attending only in the evening must remember it is likely to take more than two years to complete program.
  • Coursework is highly interactive and includes field-based internships.

Specific Requirements

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