Mar 30, 2023  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Distribution Areas


Students may choose from several options in fulfilling their Humanities Distribution requirement:

  • Option 1 (Standard Distribution). Choose 10 credits from one area and five from another. A maximum of five excess credits from the Communications list may be applied to Area I. No more than 10 credits may come from any one department.
  • Option 2 (Distribution with Emphasis). Choose five credits each from Areas I and II, in addition to the 15 credits chosen for Distribution with Emphasis.

Area I Humanities


*The same credits may not be used to satisfy both the Communications requirement and the Humanities Distribution requirements.

Area II Humanities



‡ Denotes performance course. No more than five credits of performance courses may be used to satisfy Humanities Distribution requirement.

Social Sciences

Choose from the following two areas. A minimum of five credits must come from each area. No more than 10 credits may come from any one department.

Area I Social Sciences

Area II Social Sciences


Choose from at least two departments. No more than 10 credits may come from any one department. At least 10 credits must come from Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Geology, Oceanography, Physical Science and/or Physics. The remaining credits may be selected from the foregoing departments or from Anthropology (specifically ANTH& 205), Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics. Students must choose at least one five-credit Science course that incorporates laboratory (L) experience:


Mathematics courses used to satisfy the Quantitative Skills requirement may not be applied toward the Distribution requirement.