Dec 09, 2023  
2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog

Associate in Arts, Option B

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This degree is a specialized transfer degree, individually designed to meet the requirements for certain majors at specific colleges and universities.  It does not meet the requirements of the ICRC.  In order to plan this degree program, it is essential to know both the major and college or university to be attended.  Students must work closely with their adviser.

Core Competencies

Critical Thinking

Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze and summarize complex information, create an argument that acknowledges multiple perspectives, and use reasoning and evidence to draw conclusions.

Quantitative Reasoning

Students will demonstrate the ability to apply numerical, logical, and analytical techniques to analyze, evaluate, and explain quantitative information.

Effective Communication

Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate ideas through written, oral, and/or visual formats by utilizing their own voice to address various audiences and consider the perspectives of others.

Information & Visual Literacy

Students will demonstrate the ability to interpret, evaluate, synthesize, and organize selected textual, visual, or electronic resources for a given situation, maintaining strict adherence to legal and ethical guidelines governing information access.

Community & Social Responsibility

Students will demonstrate the ability to interact productively and equitably with others in diverse local, national, and global communities; address social justice issues based on awareness of historical and contemporary systemic inequalities; proactively engage in their physical and mental health.


Students will demonstrate the ability to evaluate how environmental, relational and cultural processes and interactions impact the world, people’s lives, and their own views.

AA, Option B Requirements

General Requirements

For a detailed list of these requirements, general information and information on exceptions to general or specific requirements, students should refer to the overview information on Transferable Degrees and Certificates .

Specific Requirements

  • Student must declare specific major and university;
  • Faculty adviser must approve all courses.

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